Protobuf Manager

Protobuf Manager is a utility for using the Protocol Buffers in Unity projects. It contains visualization Editor windows to create proto files and generate runtime codes based on them, so there is no additional knowledge of Protobuf grammars is needed to use it.

Supports for Unity types are added. You can reference the proto files under “unity_extensions” in your own proto files, and convert the Protobuf types to Unity built-in types by using the extension methods in runtime.

  • Visualization utilities for using the Protocol Buffers without additional knowledge base.
  • Visual elements are organized following the Protobuf grammars, you can learn the Protocol Buffers in use.
  • Additional supports for Unity built-in types, from proto files to extension methods.
  • Additional classes realized a cache system like the PlayerPrefs.
  • Example scene included to demonstrate using the generated codes in runtime.
  • Detailed debug information to locate issues quickly.